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as we promised to you in one of our post that we will add another post to get free domains and at this post will be more than one domains all is optional for free

First free domain name is: .tk


the meaning of .tk domain is:

Tokelau allows any individual to register domain names. Users and small businesses may register any number of domain names free of charge (with some restrictions). In addition to the name itself, users can opt to forward their web traffic using HTML frames and their email traffic, with a maximum of 250 addresses per user log in, or use full DNS, either via their own or third-party servers, or by using Dot TK’s servers. There are content restrictions for free domains, banning sites containing sexual contentdrug use, hate speechfirearms, and spam or copyright infringement. Dot TK requires free domains to have a regular traffic of visitors, and if a domain’s redirect target does not work (even temporarily) the domain is taken offline. If a domain violates any of these terms, it is replaced by a Sedo advertisement page, and no advance warning is given.

Dot TK also provides .tk websites with the option to join a network called TiKinet, a close-knit network that links sites to each other based on keywords called TiKilinks. The network is expected to increase traffic to the websites, many of which are personal sites and blogs operated by individuals who otherwise would have no way to advertise their sites.

To be able to get a “special” .tk domain name the user must buy it. This includes trademark domain names for most Fortune 500 companies and common dictionary terms. Paid domain names cost US$19.90 for the first two years. Potentially valuable names with fewer than 4 characters are similarly unavailable for free registration, and must generally be purchased at a premium price of over $1000.

Dot TK launched a new service called TweaK for Twitter users in April 2010, offering a URL shortening service that uses less space than many others, and for Facebook where the user can rename Facebook account pages with a .tk name. This has since been replaced by Random Domains, from Freenom.

to get it:

you can get this domain for free from Freenom

the second domain is: .ml


what is the meaning of .ml domain is?

The domain was initially managed by Sotelma, a Malian telecommunications company. After Sotelma was privatised in 2009, the .ml zone was redelegated by IANA to the Agence des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (AGETIC), a Malian government agency, and the process completed in 2013. The agency then announced that it would give away .ml domains for free with a view to improve the usage and the knowledge of the IT industry in Mali. It is the first African nation to start giving away domains for free.

you can get this domain for free from Freenom


third free domain is: .ga


History of the domain is:

Between 1998 and 2004 it was administered by the Office des Postes et Télécommunications de la République Gabonaise and then transferred to Gabon TelecomGabon Telecom in 2013 formed a partnership with international domain registrar Freenom to offer registrations of this domain for free. It has quickly become the second most popular domain name offered by Freenom and Safecow, right after .tk which has been free for many years.

Since 2013, the Agence Nationale des Infrastructures Numériques et des Fréquences (ANINF) of Gabon is responsible for the .ga domain.

you can get this domain for free from Freenom

the fourth domain name is: .cf

what is .cf domain?

Dot CF or also known as the Dot CrossFire is an initiative of the Societe Centrafricaine de Telecommunications (SOCATEL) in Bangui, Central African Republic in partnership with Freenom (Previously known as Freedom Registry). The domain has been made available for registration free of charge on Freenom’s website, regardless of whether the individual who registers the domain has any connection to the Central African Republic or not. Exceptions include “High Value” domain names, which include trademark domain names for most Fortune 500 companies and common dictionary terms. Potentially valuable domains which are fewer than 4 characters are also marked “High Value”. The same applies to other domains offered via Freenom, such as .tk and .ml.

The .cf registry allows the creation of emoji domain names and that’s special.

you can get this domain for free from Freenom

the fifth domain name is: gq

history of gq domain:

The .gq domain was launched in July 1997 by GETESA, the nation’s prominent internet service provider.

In October 2014, domain company Freenom partnered with GETESA to try a business model which involved giving away .gq domain names for free. Before the public launch, there was a sunrise period to allow trademark holders to register their names. Public domain registration commenced on January 1, 2015

you can get this domain for free from Freenom

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