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hello everybody since we born we know the cars and the motors and everything heavy and speed machine need to work by gasoline and that’s was wonderful life we live in but absolutely the gasoline is some thing in the desert and the mountains some time will finished  that’s one of the reason why the smart technical people in factories they are trying to make something can be used before the gasoline is finished so they are starting the last years to create something is amazing and basically the voice of the machines is quite so they starting to create motors can work by electric for almost 8 hours + and can speed till 120 KM/H, we will see some of that amazing cars + motors what can work by Electric

and that cars basically need to fill it electric same to the normal cars right now we filling it gasoline and this is the pictures of the chargers some cars connected to the charger

the charger of the cars it’s Solar and the gasoline station will changed to solar station like this

this question most of the people will ask it

There is no car can charge automatically or all cars most go to solar station?

no there is cars having automatic system what will refill electric to the car and this is photos to some of that cars

this is the future of the cars are you ready to have one of those cars?

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